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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  July 14, 2010 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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we'll get you going on this wednesday morning july 14th. with a live look for tower cam. pretty quiet at 4:25. the roads are wet after some much needed rain moved in. let's go straight over to tucker to find out what we can expect today. >> hi, there, good morning. >> even the birds are not awake yet. >> in fact we had some flood warnings across portions of the area. we have a few more showers maybe a thunderstorm in the forecast today and it's a
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confusing forecast. we'll get to it. see the lightning there pushing northeast of delaware. out to the west there will be some more rain showers i think particularly in the morning hours. maybe even a little sunshine later this afternoon, that will help push temperatures back into the upper 80s. generally improving conditions after the very heavy rain we had. 75 at reagan national. 72 in fredricks. 76 for you in fredricks burg. 80, that's the winner in ocean city. the forecast calling for lots of clouds. again, we can't rule out the possibility of a few more showers or perhaps thunderstorm in the forecast. high temperatures upper 80s. it gets a little better for here. i'll have more details for you
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in a minute. tucker thanks a lot. stormy weather to blame for fire. the flames broke out in a building used by the department of homeland security. nobody was inside the building. police have issued a warrant for arrest of cab driver accused of assaulting a woman. the driver picked her up last week raped her and then dropped her off at home. the driver is not a metro employee, he works for subcontractor. on day 86bp is delaying the start. more analysis is needed they say before they can proceed with testing. the new cap is designed to stop all the oil from leaking for the first time in three months. in sports for the first time since 1996 the national league won the all star game. they beat the american league. atlanta brian mccan he drove in
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all three runs with double and 7th inning, the nationals reliever matt cat got the game. yankees owner died yesterday. here is more with that. >> reporter: we pause to remember the life and legacy of one of baseball's iconic -- george steinbrenner. to remember january keys owner, the 80-year-old died of a heart attack in florida the same day all star game in california. from current yankees to former players all remember the man they called the boss. in the nation's capital they look back at steinbrenner's big
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personality and even his bigger accomplishments. >> he had a unique career in baseball. >> reporter: new york lawmakers calling for a resolution in his name from the senate floor. >> like new york and like the yankees, george steinbrenner was a champion. >> reporter: two former new york mayors tipped their hat to the yankee's owner. >> to win in 77 was just unbelievable. it's like bringing the days back of the yankees and do dodgers. >> he helped me bring the city back to sense of pride in 1978. >> reporter: steinbrenner helped build a team that fans can love and opponents love to hate. one of the most poignant moments is when they put on -- derek sweeter putting on those pinstripes with black arm band. it was a little more special tonight as they remember george
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steinbrenner. >> we're going to talk more about george steinbrenner coming up in our 6:00 hour. your weather, traffic, all your top stories as fox 5:00 morning news at 4:30 begins now. and good morning to you, that's 395, 14th street bridge on this wednesday morning. roads wet out there as predicted with got a lot of rain actually yesterday afternoon and into the overnight hours we needed it. i guess most of that out of here? >> generally speaking at this moment. doesn't mean we can't rule out the possibility of couple more showers. >> okay. >> i think later this afternoon maybe a little sunshine. we had a lot of problems last night. >> yeah, we needed the rain but we didn't need the problems that came with it. >> yeah, over an inch at reagan national, we'll probably add to that. i'll show you why. first the heaviest of shower active pushing over.
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you see the dark reds and yellows on your morning radar. notice out in west virginia we've got a few more showers developing, that's the upper level low, that's the last piece of energy that's got to get through. the clouds are going to hold tough here. we will have a few more showers and i think family here by afternoon we should start to see some breaks in the cloud and a little more sunshine. you know, kind of 50/50 days. it will be decent here by this afternoon. let's get the temperatures, yeah, 75 degrees at reagan national. humidity is going to be just dreadful around here for the next couple of days. it will be very uncomfortable with all the rain we had. winds out of the south and west at 5 miles per hour. i mentioned the sun, showers an maybe thunderstorm. >> you mentioned the problems too. we're going to talk more about that and show you video from traffic land. there's problems on the belt
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way, the left lane on the inner loop on 45 is closed right now it may remain closed through the morning rush hour because crews are trying to remove that standing water out there. want to go out to julie to take a look at the rest of the roads. coming off of 66 getting on to 495 northbound that exit ramp there, i tell you, lot of standing water there as well. >> that's what we're finding. >> reporter: i think it's a combination of a lot of the leaves that come off of the trees and unfortunately there's no place for the water to g. as you just mentioned we had the left lane blocked on the belt way between brad dock road and 236. we've got pounding water. not only the ramp, but basically between 50 and 66 we've got some ponding water in those areas as well. allow extra time-out on the roads. it's dark out there obviously you're not going to be able to see the water, so allow extra
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time on the road. if you're traveling the top stretch of the belt way, it looks good there. no problems to report. but, again, this part of the highway looking good as you continue headed for the split. on the secondary roads, especially the long and winding road that sort of thing there's a lot of leaves out there, very slipperily conditions, the thought of running into some standing water that you may not expect this morning. so allow extra time on the roads and slow down. >> julie, thanks a lot. the stormy weather may also be to blame on the campus of southwest washington, the fire broke out in a building that was used by the department of homeland security. the good news is nobody was inside the building. a lightning strike may have started that fire. the search for clues in montgomery county after a man is found dead. the man in his 20s was found about 1:00 this morning between
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randolph road and silver spring. police are not saying he was mored. they are calling his death suspicious. a cab driver is wanted on several charges stemming from alleged sexual assault. a woman told police the suspect attacked her in the back of his cab after he arrived at an adult day care facility to take her home. driver the not a metro employee. he worked for regency cap which is a subcontractor of a company that provides service. he has since been fired and now there is a warrant out for his arrest. three teenage boys accused of raping a 15-year-old girl are being held without bond. it happened in the home of one of the accused boys where the girl had gone with friends. the girl claims the attack happened after the friend left. the rape occurred on june 30th, but it was just reported three days ago. the three boys are 14 and 16 years old. a confession from a dc man helped police close out five
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murder. ronald riff man jr. pleaded guilty in court to those killings that spanned six years. he's already in jail for a double murder. if you add in the five unsolved cases one man is responsible for killing seven people in the city. the murders were part of a gang turf fueled by drugs. >> it's a recommend necessary sent of the older days of d.c. drug wars and the gang wars that went on here. when i started policing here in the city five families that will now have some sense of justice. i think, again, it refen forces that it's never too late. it's never too late to bring closure to a family who lost a loved one. >> police say he's been in prison for the last ten years pursuing to a crowd of people and killing two people in a drive by. dr. albert rowe was plunged to death back in 2006.
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chantey joiner hick man were in the middle of robbing the dentist when they killed him. both were inindicted last week on a lost list of charges including first-degree murder. a private funeral is expected to be held this week for late yankees owner george steinbrenner. he died yesterday morning of a massive heart attack in tampa, florida. he had just celebrated his 80th birthday. this past season the yankees won their 27th world series title and 7th under steinbrenner. the yankees are remembering the man that helped bring them to greatness. >> we have bets on ohio state michigan football games, i've been in trouble a couple of times, and we've filmed commercials with him dancing, so it's tough because he's more than just an owner to me, you know, he's a friend of mine. he will be deeply missed.
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>> yeah, i think for a lot ever people george steinbrenner was the yankees. he purchased the team for 9. $7million. the team is valued 6.6 billion. he hired billy martin five different times. he changed the economics of the game paying top dialers for free agents. he was visionary creating the cable network revenue stream which gave him a huge competitive advantage. he was the longest tenured owner. the yankees led the majors with 566 winning percentages while capturing 11 pennants and 7 world series titles. the nationals released following statement which read in part, the washington the learner family are deeply saddened by the loss of george steinbrenner. he's going to be remembered as a driven competitor and
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champion but also a man who gave up to the people and communities he loved. baseball honored mr. steinbrenner, yankees derek sweeter taking part in a moment of silence. it came on at the bottom of the 6th was runner on third. strikes him out. it will be the only batter caps will face. american league still up 1-0. the braves lying -- clearing the bases with a double. that's your game winner. the national league will hold on to win 3-1. they get their first all star win since 1996. cap was the winning picture. we're following new developments in the gulf world this morning the latest attempt to cap the spill might be working but there's another delay, coming up next we're going to tell you why bp is holding off on a critical task. a bold new strategy to fight the spread of hiv and aids we'll tell you what the obama administration is calling for.
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making headlines at 4:40 this morning bp is delaying a crucial test on the new cap. engineers need to analyze the stack of pipes and valves to see if it can handle increased pressure. the national says the analysis will ben the containment process. this is day 86. if that cap works it's going to be the first time in three months that all of the oil leaking has stopped it's only temporary in a more permanent solution as a plan to drill relief wells. there were two relief wells and bp is close to finishing them right now. >> they're doing testing to make sure they have the right angles of attack to close in. >> bp is ahead of schedule with the relief well. they're saying a permanent fix won't be in place until at
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least mid august. 56,000 people contract hiv every year. the white house introduced a new strategy to fight those. president obama wants improve care, narrow the gap in health care and cut the rate of new infections by 25% over the next five years. the president wants money for research at george washington university. he's also calling for more education and personal responsibility. >> when a person living with hiv aids is treated if she's done something wrong when she's viewed as somehow morally compromised how can we expect her to get tested and disclose her diagnosis. >> the president called on companies to provide funding on expertise and he wants the media to get more involved in the education effort. well, you watch the live on fox 5 people trying to get out dupont circle's metro station. metro has some answers about what sparked this ugly scene.
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and -- >> the first lady of the united states. >> first lady michelle obama delivers a strong message about a serious health problem facing millions of youngsters. we're doing to hear what she had to say straight ahead, today? >> we've got a quiet period ahead. i'll have complete details. speaking of sunshine julie wright will be here with your on time traffic that coming up right after the break.
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it's 15 minutes in front of 5:00 on this wednesday morning. a live look at our nation's capital. i know i ran into a little bit roll -- bit of fog on my way in. we needed it an we got it. >> we needed it and we didn't need over 2 inches of rain. >> i know. y'all were calling for quite a bit of rain. >> we sure got it. a lot of flooding problems over night. we're quieting down now. i'm going to show you the radar here in just a second. but the worst of it is over as we, you know, deluge around here. >> yes, we did. >> i will show you from the radar -- i will show you. >> what will you showus? >> that's what i'll show you, i'll show you conditions are
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generally quieter than they were, east towards the center up towards an ap police, towards generally quiet. i mentioned the rain totals. i'll show it to you in a second . a few more showers in the forecast this morning, maybe a possibility of a thunderstorm and then we'll finally be anal to call it quits -- be able to call it quits. check out these rain totals over the pass 24 hours, very impressive. for the month of june we picked up under 2 inches of rain, in the last 24 hours we've had more rain than we've had in the entire month of rain. lots of flooding problems out there, all warnings have been dropped over night and looking
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at a eye yeter start to the -- eye yeter -- quieter start to the day. here is the upper level low i mentioned to you, you can see it back in the western maryland, that's still got to get through here. we're going to have some clouds in the first part of the day. but out to the west here, out into the ohio valley we get some clear skies and you know what, we'll probably get some sunshine in here late in the day with highs back in the upper 80s. it won't be a terrible day. warm to start your day, 75 at reagan national. 72 in quantic. leonard town 73. anap police 74. you nudity levels will be down right -- humidity levels will be down right unpleasant here. 88 for your afternoon high.
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we'll dry it out a bit. 93 won't feel too bad. 93 on friday. maybe some thunderstorms on saturday then we're going to clear it out again for sunday. highs after today will once again be in the 90s. let's get the on time traffic and julie wright. >> you're talking about standing water, we've got trees down. we also have some standing water issues along near dell wood. the big story, the inner loop traveling between brad dock road and 236 where the left lane is impassable at this point . that right hand exit to go northbound that will take you back up, that's where we're finding the standing water. keep in mind that's in the middle of that work zone. so, again, in a lot of places
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we're waking up this morning we've got the standing water, the drains are getting clogged up. it's going to take a while, allow yourself extra time-out on the road and be careful. top stretch of the belt way -- top stretch of the belt way looking good. no problems on 270. that's a check with your fox 5 on-time traffic. julie thanks a lot. chaos, you watched it unfold live on fox 5 news during rush hour monday evening, now metro has some answers about some tough questions. fox 5 matt at chin takes a closer look. >> reporter: so many passengers trying to get out, they actually broke through a barrier and climbed up an escalator that was under repair. >> you can see it billowing. >> reporter: what happened and why were passengers still
4:51 am
allowed to exit trains even as firefighters rushed in and riders had to climb over railerrings to escape. we learned a review of what took place initiated between metro, metro police and the d.c. fire department. >> y'all are going to have to give them some space to work. >> reporter: riders say they don't know what to expect any more. >> these ladies had to check metro's website to make sure they can ride up anest saw latour. >> we almost didn't stop there. >> we got an announcement when we arrived that this would be the only up escalator and so but i'm surprised these other two are stationary. >> not only stationary, we didn't see any work being done to repair them. there was a small work site nearby, but no one was around. >> so many people that depend on the metro to get around the city, it's really ashamed. no one is taking care of it
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like they should. matt, thanks very much. metro released a statement that reads in part. metro activated high power fans to push out any smoke letting riders know they can exit on the 19th street side. but numerous passengers tell fox 5 they never heard any announcement. we have a health alert this morning on diabetes drug, the food and drug administration is holding another day of hearings on whether it should stay on the market. the popular diabetes drugs has been tainted by ties to heart attack. they can decide to pull it off the market, limit which doctors can prescribe it or require more warning lady. the first lady spoke at the naacp. michelle says we -- michelle obama says we all need to fight
4:53 am
the epidemic of child obesity. >> at the 101st naacp convention, michelle obama prays all that has done to fight for equality and justice. >> and risk life and limbs so african-americans can take their rightful places not just on buses but at universities and on battlefields and in hospitals and board rooms, in congress, the supreme court and yes even the white house. >> reporter: she says now the fight is for our children's future because one in three kids in the u.s. are obese nearly half of african-american kids will develop diabetes in their lifetime. >> this issue isn't about how our kids look, it's not about that. it's about how our kids feel. it's about their health. >> let's move initiative is working on better labeling and nutrition information and
4:54 am
healthy food and schools and low income neighborhoods. >> 23.5 million americans including 6.5 million children live in what we call food deserts, areas without a single supermarket. >> and she's encouraging daily activity like walking to school like she did on those cold days in chicago. >> no shoes on our feet, it was hard, but we walked. >> one family in the crowd said obama's message encourages them to make changes. >> eat healthier, letting all the sugar go. >> our children are the future, if they're not eating right, we're going to have a lot of problems, especially for the health care bill. >> reporter: obama says the naacp has fought to improve the lives of future generation and fighting childhood obesity make sure it will have the energy and strength and health.
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>> i'm asking you naacp will you move with me? let's move. i'm going to need you. do you enjoy going to the mall? can you think of any ways to improve it. still ahead, we've heard a few ideas. we were walking for ever. >> the mall is getting -- the mall is getting a make over coming up we'll see the final plan. one congressman's cab ride end with a cal to the police. look at the entire story right here on fox 5 morning news on 4:55 -- at 4:55.  [ female announcer ] which cheese slices do you prefer?
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turn, a confrontation and unpaid fair, the police, surprising part about this passenger was u.s. congressman. here is more on that. >> reporter: cab driver abraham hobbs said he picked up a station who wanted a ride to this hotel in southwest d. c. >> he wanted me to drop him off here and he will put his luggage inside the hotel. he wanted me to take him to different direction. >> he didn't realize who the passenger was until the other cab drivers told him he was congressman. it was a typical cab ride until the congressman said this. >> he said, i won't -- don't turn the meter off, he wants me to take him back. >> the law says when a passenger gets to their destination in this case the hotel, the entire fare is paid including waiting time. >> at the time we got here, it was $8. >> also the law says if the
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passenger asks the driver to wait or take him to another destination, that's a new trip and the meter starts again. >> he said, i will not pay you if you don't take me same meter which we came with. >> the congressman wouldn't pay so he called police. >> he said i'm not doing to wait for the police. he caught another cab and left. >> reporter: he claims not only did he refuse to pay but got into another cab and left. >> the whole situation was just a misunderstanding and we are working now to resolve it. everyone will be happy at the end of the day. >> not paying me and taking another cab, it's unacceptable. i feel so bad. who is going to follow the law if the congressman do not follow the law? >> reporter: reporting in southwest washington d.c. fox 5


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